Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Thailand (Thailand Health & Wellness) [Kindle Edition]

This book is now available at its low introduction price of 6.99 USD normally 13.49 USD and is free for Kindle Prime members.

The Author has been living as close to HIV without getting the infection for over 4 years. He has studied every aspect of HIV and other forms of STD and has not become a doctor but an expert in this field. After living in Asia for 10 years he has known everything there is about doctors, medication and different STDs. This explains various STDs from a “consumer’s” point of view who lives in Thailand. In most western countries there is just one type of STD and the only option is to go to the doctor while in Thailand, there are a number of different medications one can take for each type of STD with varying price range. STD has become very wide spread and has become so common that when you get an STD in Thailand you can get these for free. Most local doctors would say moth herpes or “lerm” as it is called in Thai, to be common. So common that they will not even advise their patients not to kiss others to prevent the risk of spreading it.

This book aims to help its readers to know what they possibly how and how to treat it. It also aims to spread knowledge for those who are simply cautious and curious by telling how to prevent having any form of STD. If you have any questions the support form is open for every book buyer free of charge.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Thailand (Thailand Health & Wellness) [Kindle Edition]


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