Pattaya Secret Temples Discover Thailand (Discover Thailand Miracles) [Kindle Edition]

I am not quite sure if everybody will like this book as I do know that as much as I would want it to, not majority of people truly understands Buddhism. I can actually see people getting very bored by looking at the temples that can be found in Thailand. However, for people who have opened their beings and existence for buddhism and learning, I would definitely beg to differ. Each temple in Thailand has its story attached to it. I could find nothing more interesting that chatting with a friendly Thai monk in a Thai temple for a day.

I wish to dedicate this book to His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, as well as the people of Tibet. Thank you our Dalai Lama for everything you have done to save the very essence of humanity and keeping your ground to be the greatest example of how war achieves nothing. It truly saddens me that 2000 year old temples were destroyed by the Chinese occupiers. I fervently pray that I get to witness Tibet getting back its lost sovereignty and see the people of Tibet graciously live according to our Dalai Lama’s examples.

Pattaya Secret Temples Discover Thailand (Discover Thailand Miracles) [Kindle Edition]


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