Newbie Guide to Pattaya Entertainment: Discover Thailand Miracles (Volume 8)

Pattaya is a place full entertainment, maybe sometimes too much. I think every category of bar is found here and every kind of dancing establishment as well. But this book is written for travelers who wish to see something different from the usual Pattaya bar scene. Often times couples can be seen hand in hand walking out from bars only to hop to another one simply because they do not know anywhere else to go during the night time. Even if you have lived in Pattaya for five years there’s still a fat chance that you do not know that the Pattaya Waterfall exists. And no, I am not talking about the one in your condo. The review for the Kindle Version been great: “I never knew there was a water fall in Pattaya” – Gratton Burke – England “The books brings a new life to Pattaya” – Mindstream – “Pattaya never looked better” – Editor, “A book everybody should read before coming to Pattaya” -Editor, PATTAYANEWSPAPER.COM. “Did you know there’s a waterfall in Pattaya?” – Mark Rogers, Pattaya Mix 88.5. “I don’t know about the waterfall in Pattaya” – David Indy, Grand plaza Hotel. “There is a waterfall but I do not think many people know about it” – Bent Strudahl Hansen. Pattaya long time Resident. “Wow there is a waterfall in Pattaya?” -Laurent A. Pousse. Shanghai, China. “I was amazed there was a waterfall in Pattaya” – Robert Proctor. Sydney, Australia. “The waterfall looks impressive particularly in the rainy season. However, even when the water is not abundant, tourists can track up and down the rock” – Tony Sjodin, Thai European Export Partners Co,. Ltd.

Newbie Guide to Pattaya Entertainment: Discover Thailand Miracles (Volume 8)


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