Amazing Museums in Pattaya: Discover Thailand Miracles (Volume 1)

Most of these Museums in Pattaya are free but some Private once are charging a small fee. We have included a discount coupon in the book that will cover the cost for this eBook. Pattaya is such a wonderful place that some even say that it is indeed the best place on the planet. You can literally find everything in Pattaya and there is just tons of things to do if you would just take the time to go beyond the bar scene. I never see them promote the places where you can see ships, turtles and other marine animals and these costs only a fraction of the price of what you have to pay to see some lame show on Walking Street. This book is part of the 99 Things to do in Pattaya and if you want to get the full Pattaya experience we suggest that you buy the full book available here on Amazon.

Amazing Museums in Pattaya: Discover Thailand Miracles (Volume 1)


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